Join the Fight for Universal Child Nutrition

Our generation brought information to the furthest reaches of the globe. Why not nutrition?

Over 2 Billion people suffer from a daily lack of essential vitamins and minerals. This invisible hunger is suppressing the immunity and development of our world’s children.

It’s time we apply our abilities to demolish this global travesty. Right now there is a solution that can bring complete nutrition to every child for pennies a day.

Five Cent Stability: The Power of Sprinkles

Project Doro, named for the Greek concept of giving, is bringing the Sprinkles multinutrient program to the world’s developing communities. Sprinkles provide consistent, balanced nutrition to children where fresh foods are the most scarce.

At just five pennies a serving, each packet contains everything a child needs to fortify a healthy vibrant future. Adding one packet a day to a child’s meal provides all the vitamins and minerals needed for strong, steady growth into adulthood.

Affordable. Available. Effective.

There are organizations all around the world ready to engage the potential of Sprinkles, and the need has never been greater. Sprinkles have the power to provide all the nutrients a child needs for an entire year for just $6.

With hunger and disease ravaging world populations, building immunity and resistance to infection is a critical challenge that can't be ignored. Join us in bringing the gift of nutrition to the world’s children, and together we can help build a stronger, more resilient future.

View the pdf below for more information, and contact us to be part of the Sprinkles solution.

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Photos courtesy of The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition